Who we are

Baketech Machinery was established in the year 2000 to provide industrial solutions and catering equipment to the HORECA industry. The Baketech experts meet with the client, examine their requirements and design and execute a production line accordingly, offering customized solutions to every clients’ needs. We continue to support our client offering maintenance and support agreements which are vital for continued production. Today Baketech is also exploring new areas. The i-Team cleaning products have recently been added, to the product portfolio. Baketech is constantly on the lookout to bring to you innovate solutions to ensure the industry in maintained up to date.


We meet with the clients and understand what the needs are. Baketech assists to design a production line suitable for the product being manufactured. Our engineers and technicians will design and build the production line proposed, modifying and adapting the machinery according to the clients’ needs. We even manufacture needed extensions and additions accordingly.

Range of service

At Baketech we meet with the client, understand the needs, propose and design layouts to achieve the desired production line. We customize the proposal, adapting and creating solutions to suitably fit the production lines in the space available. When the client agrees with the proposals and the Baketech team will install the equipment and ensure that the client’s needs are satisfied . This process makes our job challenging and varied, and we like it for that!


We assist the client and provide maintenance and support throughout. After sales commitment is what distinguishes us, we follow our clients and ensure that they are satisfied with the result. We provide servicing and also technical assistance.

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