bakery equipment

The essential

Mixer, oven, flour and water are the essential ingredients for the bread. The secret one is the love with wich you prepare it every day. The same love with wich we support the bakers in all over the world

dough preparation


Silos for flour and cereals. Complete of weigh meter and automatic feeding system.

Water chiller

Different type of water chiller with pressure pump. A circulation pump avoid ice inside of the tank. Stainless steel tank.

Water meter

Meter dosers | mixer dosers | mixer dosers touchscreen

Spiral mixer

Single or double spiral mixer

S/s furniture

Table, sink, wall unit, etc.

dough forming


Semi/automatic, for a great variety of stress-free baked goods or specific for ciabatta

Bagel former

Put the well divided dough into the hopper, the bagel will be formed automatically.


French or italian bread.

Bun Divider Rounder

Manual | semi-automatic | automatic

Roll plant

Stamping, rolling, forming machine

Dough fermentation

retarder proofer and proofer

All in one

One room for the complete process of your dought without any stress. Retarder & intermediate & proofer



S/s finiture are available. S/s boiler and temperature and humidity controllers.

intermediate proofer

Intermediate proofer

Extremely compact it needs lower space respect to the resting table


deck oven

Deck oven

Traditional excellence oven with refractory brick channels and isolating cement casing

rack oven

Rotor oven

Excellent with a large range of baking products, available in different size. With touchscreen (99 recipes) or basic panel (weekly programs available)



S/S trolley with high temperature proofer wheels. For standard tray or customized according to the request

convection oven

Convection oven

Bakery convection oven: manual | automatic | touchscreen



Perforated | flat | burger | teflon coated | ect.

thermo oil oven

Thermo oil oven

The oil deck ovens are designed for baking high homemade quality and porous bread.




Manual or automatic slicers suitable for soft, medium and hard crust bread

burger slicer

Slicer for burger

Suitable for different size of burger.

flow pack

Flow pack

Horizontal packaging machine suitable for many kind of baking products

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