confectionery equipment

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chocolate machine

Chocolate machines

Automatic, continuos operation tempering machine.

croissant line

Croissant lines

A complete line to made croissant

cutting e stamping machine

Cutting and stamping machines

Finishing machine to be used in line with an encrusting machine



They enables the production of wide range of biscuits and cookies with many shapes and lenghts.

dough sheeter

Dough sheeter

Semi automatic | automatic

encrusting machine

Encrusting machine

Automatic Encrusting & encrusting and forming machine

filling and forming machine

Filling forming machine



Refiner machine suitable for almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, sesame seeds, and other spices

Electric cream cooker

Industrial cooking

Suitable for choux pastry, pastry creams, chocolate, fondant, fruit jams, coating, etc.
Available from 30 to 500 ltr ready to use and cooking by bain-marie method

make-up table

Make-up tables

The Production lines are made by integrable modules like humidifiers, metering, guillotines, scraps recovery and panning.

convection oven

Oven - convection

Confectionery convection oven: manual | automatic | touchscreen

rack oven

Oven - rotor

Excellent with a large range of baking products, available in different size. With touchscreen (99 recipes) or basic panel (weekly programs available)

panning machine

Panning machine

Created to perform the tedious work of carefully placing products on to trays

planetary mixer

Planetary mixer

Planetary Mixers were specifically designed for confectionary productions

ultrasonic cutter

Ultrasonic cutter

Automatic sheet cake portioning machine

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