BT-DUOMAXInnovative 2 hoppers machine for biscuits and cookies production one of most technologicaly advanced machines on the market


BT-TRIOMAXThis is a premium class, unique machine for biscuit and cookie production. It is equipped with three (TRIOMAX), or two (DUOMAX) hermetic heads and stainless steel rollers; it enables the production of wide range of biscuits and cookies with many shapes and lenghts.


BT-QUATROMAXThis is a top-class four-chamber machine for cake production! It has four heads, e.g. two for dark dough, two for dark and light dough, and two for filling, e.g. cream + marmalade, or two colours of marmalade.


BT-SUPREMA EVODesigned to be the most versatile and compact wire-cutting and dropping machine for producing cookies and biscuits. A very wide range of nozzles and moulds allows the creation of numerous shapes and sizes, leaving wide space for the creativity and fantasy of the user. In addition to the dosing group for hard dough, SUPREMA can also work with the pump dosing group for creamier soft dough.


BT-DOSIMAXThis can be used in three different ways: manual, automatic or sequential