Other machinery

BT-CS 480

BT-CS 480For quick and precise slicing in horizontal way, ANKO's Automatic Horizontal Cake Slicer is ideal for slicing various shapes of cake ranging from circle, rectangle, roll, triangle, etc. Double blades with vibration ensure every portion the polished and pleasing look. In addition to the feature of easy operation, we assure you of high quality and professional machines.


BT-BBCBAfter users put products on conveyor, Automatic Batter and Crumb Breading Production Line pours batter down like a waterfall, flips products over from a conveyor onto the next crumb-covered conveyor, and then dusts crumbs evenly on the top of food. Finally, the carefully designed machine boasts a vibrating conveyor to shake surplus crumbs off to give evenly coated products with crumbs. We assure you of reliable and professional machines.


BT-APBPressing & Heating Machine forms flat dough with pressing and heating