BT-NIDITRICEThe machine produces tagliatelle nests in different widths according to the mould used.


BT-P200P200 is an automatic and very reliable machine, fit to carry out pasta production by using any kind of flour and durum wheat (semolina).


BT-PRESSE K300-K600K300 and K600 are presses for the production of 300 and 600 kg/h of pasta. Completely automatic, they can process any type of flour or durum wheat (semolina), because the turbine pre-mixing gives to the mix a perfect moisture. The mix is processed under vacuum and extruded with a specially shaped and polished screw. The extrusion is performed with electronic pressure and temperature control. The die, insert by a simple pushing, is ejected automatically. K300 and K600 have been designed to work simply and safely 24 hours daily.