BT-CLBT-CL 170 and BT-CL 340 (170/340 mm rollers' width) are fast and practical pasta sheeters that can sheet pasta in different thicknesses even very thin ones. BT-CL 420 (420 mm rollers' width) carries out pasta (and pizza dough) sheeting operations by laying down the sheet directly into the baking-pan.


BT-MPMULTIPASTA group can be combined with PNUOVA, PIDUE and P6 machines.

BT-NINA 170-250

BT-NINA 170-250A compact all in one “counter top” machine, ready to be used and simple to be operated; it produces pasta sheet with a variable thickness and tagliatelle having two different widths : 2 and 6 mm.


BT-P2PP2 PLEASURE is much more than a combined machine and it can be describes as a complete workshop for pasta professionals, “tailor-made” for meeting all the production needs.


BT-PDPIDUE is an automatic pasta sheeter with single or double kneading vat for the production of pasta sheet having a width of 168 mm and a thickness of 2.5 mm.


BT-PNPNUOVA machine (Kneading vat and Pasta Sheeter) is a multi-purpose pasta machine which produces automatically a thin fine rolled pasta sheet and, thanks to specific units which can be assembled, produces: ravioli, tagliatelle, gnocchi in various shapes and extruded pasta.